At the core of Community Building Tutors (CBT) is our character education curriculum, which works to fulfill our mission of empowering young learners to be leaders in their community. CBT’s curriculum focuses on core values such as communication, teamwork, and community service. One example of how CBT teaches these core values is through the use of children’s books that demonstrate these values. After seeing the trait exhibited by the characters, our students then complete activities that reinforce the values and tutors help them form the connection to their own lives.

CBT’s curriculum also includes a Community Map Project that invites members of the community to our programs to share their professions and skills with CBT’s young learners. The members of the community demonstrate their leadership skills and introduce students to various career paths and different ways to be involved in the community. After each presenter, the students will place that community leader on the map of their community. For example, if a fireman comes to talk to our students, they will then put a fireman on their community map at the firehouse to represent that the fireman is a community leader that can be found at the firehouse. At the end of the project, the map will include a variety of different places around the community where community leaders exist to demonstrate that community leaders can be found anywhere in a community.

CBT’s students will also be completing several community service projects throughout the year. These projects will help students learn about how they as young learners can be community leaders and helpers too. For example, students will make placemats for Meals on Wheels, which will be delivered to elderly and disabled people around their community when they receive meals to their doorstep. Through these projects, our students will be more aware of all the ways that they can help their community on a daily basis.

To see what a lesson looks like, click here for a SampleLessonPlan.